Flip Image 3.1

Flip Image is an easy way to create animated flipping digital photo albums that behave like actual photo albums. You can import hundreds of images from your computer, scanner or camera, and then generate a flipping album which can be viewed online as Flash slideshow, sent by email or even burnt to CD.

Flip Image enables you totally control your album style, size, colors, background, and all without any programming work!
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Have a large selection of tools to edit the actual images while creating the album

So I do not have to switch between photoshop and this to create an album.
bmendonc, 07.12.2013, 08:24
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say - it does not work well with Win8.1 64-bit

it does not work well with Win8.1 64-bit, & I found MANY tools with which to manipulate the photos I imported. The program imported over 1500 pics in under a minute and the fun I am having - a small suggestion - when going into certain changes...
Thomas Roberts, 07.12.2013, 15:49
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..to replace the extension of projects.

Change the output format, since Flash, (.swf,) is not visible on most all mobile devices, which is what the majority of people are using nowadays to replace the computer.
SelmaTX, 07.12.2013, 13:43
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