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..to replace the extension of projects.

Change the output format, since Flash, (.swf,) is not visible on most all mobile devices, which is what the majority of people are using nowadays to replace the computer.

SelmaTX, 07.12.2013, 13:43
Idea status: under consideration


10+ Years Computer Repair, 08.12.2013, 07:51
Dude, the only people nowadays replacing their computers with mobile devices are dumba##es who don't know you can't print without running into "oh so I can't print" and the hispanics/mexicans who can't afford a computer or don't know how to use one but know how to play on facebook and check their email on their phone.

COMPUTERS ARE NOT BEING REPLACED, try typing out your homework on your phone, try doing some excel, powerpoint, printing it out on your phone and tell me how much faster and easier it is on your phone, oh right, you can't, without lying.

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