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say - it does not work well with Win8.1 64-bit

it does not work well with Win8.1 64-bit, & I found MANY tools with which to manipulate the photos I imported. The program imported over 1500 pics in under a minute and the fun I am having - a small suggestion - when going into certain changes (adding borders, etc.) it would be nice to see a menu without it , disappearing every time I move the mouse to do something else. I tried to find a way to "add" it to the bar up above - but I haven't found the way yet. Love the pull-down menus in this - very much like I am used to (working with Win since it's inception). Thank you everyone involved today - GREAT job - looking forward to tomorrow. (Side note: No games on Sat anymore? I'm sad & so is my grandson - we try them all - read what others have sent & try to add some positive critique where possible - Thanks.)

Thomas Roberts , 07.12.2013, 15:49
Idea status: under consideration


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